Thursday, June 12, 2008

I always seem to miss when special visitors come to see us...I guess we are so busy having fun, who has time to be on the computer. These are from Emily, Ava, and Mum-Mums visit to MN. We went to the new Nickelodeon Park at MOA, Bachman's Garden Center and the Richardson Nature Center--all Minneapolis Area Classics!!!

Emily got the girls all dolled up and ready to go (you didn't actually think I put that bow in Macie's hair did you?)

We saw the Backyardigans!!!

My mom doesn't actually let me take her picture, but she would let me take one of her and Tori's matching mary jane crocs.

Doesn't that look like fun? Who wants to visit MN now?


Tara said...

I DO!!! Oh, and I can't believe Ava's that big already. I miss you, my non-fru-fru friend!

gretchen said...

And we would LOVE to have the Chapman's whenever they can come. I miss you, too.

p.s. Macie and Ava look like "best cousins"--what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! And my boys loved seeing the Backyardigans. We even have that in spanish here!

Anonymous said...

Right away, I was like, I can't believe the girls hair. It looked so different : ). And then you said Emily did it. It all makes sense now. I want to come too. Can we come? I think we are over the Backyardigans now though. Darn it. Its time for a new baby : ).