Friday, February 27, 2009

Deep conversations with Ponsi....

Isabelle: Mom, do you think Heaven is up or down?
Me: Probably up...I think most people probably think it is up.
Isabelle: Yeah, me too. It is way up above the skies into outer space. (short pause) Do our bodies just disappear up there when we die?
Me: Well, no this body stays here, but you will get a new heavenly body.
Isabelle: Maybe my new body will be brown.
Me: I kind of think you will still be peach, but who knows, maybe you will be brown.
Isabelle: Some people say there will be a new heaven and a new earth.
Me: Yes, that is true. I guess we just don't know if it will be here or a new earth completely. It isn't always clear. We just know we will be with God.
Isabelle: Well, I hope Washburn (this is her school) is on the new earth because I really like Washburn.

Monday, February 23, 2009

This week's category is Black and White. I know some people don't really like B&W, but it is my favorite. Check out some of the other entries here.

Main Entry: 1trans·form
Pronunciation: \tran(t)s-ˈfȯrm\
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French transformer, from Latin transformare, from trans- + formare to form, from forma form
Date: 14th century
transitive verb
1 a: to change in composition or structure b: to change the outward form or appearance of c: to change in character or condition

As a parent, you get a front row seat to the beauty of transformation in the lives of your children. And as the mother of Victoria Kathryn, my show has been nothing short of breathtaking. I have watched my little girl turn from Tori to Victoria and back to Tori again. I have watched her change from a cute bald baby to a stunning long haired little girl. And most importantly I have watched a semi-terrible two and three year old (cute, but terrible) turn into a tenderhearted and ever maturing eight year old. I am proud of her for so many reasons and blessed by her in so many ways I cannot begin to write then down. Thanks Tori for loving deeply, for having a compassionate and giving heart, for being a good friend, for being the best big sister on the planet to Isabelle and Macie, for playing out your role in our church community, and for continuing to move forward in figuring out what it means for you to be a follower of Jesus. I love you and wish you the very best birthday ever!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The theme this week is wonder...most of those moments are captured in my minds eye and not by my camera, but I thought this one was cute. Check out some other "wonder" photos here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It is one of those blessing upon blessing days for me. I mean I already have my perfect valentine in Jamie and then just like Halloween, kids bring more fun and excitement into the simple pleasures of Valentine's Day. It is amazing how a little piece of paper with a popular cartoon character on it can just make your day. Or even better a homemade paper one--complete with stickers. Or for me- a pack of Strawberry Creme Peeps from my Mom and Dad and mmmmmmmm....I am pretty happy.

Anyway, we had a great day- from our heart shaped pancake breakfast to watching Horton Hears a Who with our heart shaped sugar cookie treats at night.

And it's true...I broke tradition. We did not have heart shaped pizza last night for Valentine's Day. My in-laws sent money for a Valentine adventure so we went on a speed trip to the Como Zoo(they closed at 4...seriously!?!?!) and out to Cossettas--I didn't hear anyone complaining. ;)

Monday, February 09, 2009

This week's theme is silly. I would have liked to branch out to put pics of one of the other girls this week, but when it comes to silly in our house, there really is only one girl that wins that contest hands down every time.

Enter your own picture. Details here.

Friday, February 06, 2009

DUM, DA, DUM....It's Muffins with Mom today!!!! Woohoo! I woke the girls up by flashing their light on and off and singing its Muffins with Mom day...they love when I wake them up. And it was Isabelle's first ever time you know. She was very excited. She has been asking me questions, like "Where do they get all the muffins?", "Do you think they make them in the cafeteria and then bring them to the moms?", and "Do they not have breakfast because they have Muffins with Mom?"--Important stuff to know as you venture to your first ever M.W.M. experience. The excitement of this day was multiplied because if they brought in a dollar for Pennies for Patients they got to wear their pajamas...And Macie and I were helping out in Isabelle's classroom today. Muffins, Mom, Pajamas, Macie....does it get any better? Don't even think about bringing up Donuts with's my day today.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Here is the link to the Buttercream Fondant Recipe....

And I am totally making cupcakes today. It is a friend of mine's birthday tomorrow and I am pretty sure she NEEDS them....I will just keep a few of the extras, you know, for the girls. :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

I love cake! And I don't like that whipped frosting--I like the sugary sweet buttercream stuff found at weddings and graduations. Since Jamie was out of town this weekend, I spent way too much time on and found a fun looking buttercream fondant recipe that I thought I could handle. I think fondant normally just looks good, but doesn't really taste that good, but this recipe claimed to taste good as well. So this is my maiden voyage with buttercream fondant...

Attempt #1: You only get one chance to cover the cake--oops! My fondant did not patch together well...sorry Chuck, I hope it tasted better than it looked. ;)

Attempt #2: Looking good and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....yummmy!

Unfortunately for me, the cake is all gone this morning....Valentine's Day cupcakes anyone????