Friday, April 27, 2007

First, let me say, the nose piercing picture will not be happening. Don't worry- I still have it. But it is quite small and to spare you a close-up picture of my nose pores you will just have to see it in person. And for anyone who was wondering (eh-hem..columbus people) my mother-in-law did not seem to mind it. I won't say she loved it, but she did say it reminds her of when Isaac gave Rebekah a ring in the OT and that when I no longer like it I can remove it. Yay for great mother-in-laws!

Moving on....I am enjoying the most amazing spring day today. The girls had a picnic lunch outside. I am sitting outside working on my computer. Macie is resting in the shade. And when Tori and I were talking when she got home from school she dropped the conversation to chase a little butterfly. Simply divine! Thank you for spring.

So, anyway, I was explaining to Tori today the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Why would I be explaining this to a 6 year old. Well, once a year the city of Bloomington allows you to put whatever on the curb and they pick it up. So driving down my street today several houses just cleaned out--piles and piles of old doors, wood, toys, couches, anything you can imagine lined the street. I know..some of you are just thinking what you could put on the curb if you had the chance...amazing how much junk we collect. But, seriously, the best part is to watch the game that follows. Isabelle, Macie and I sat out in the front to wait for Tori's bus today and to watch all the excitement. Of course, the mini-van brigade was out in full force, looking for that new backyard toy treasure for their kiddos. I saw some young couples loading couches into their sporty little "no, we do not have any kids" cars. I saw one guy that I think was playing some sort of bigger and better game. His car was so full--he had a six foot fake tree hanging out his window. And, my personal favorite, the do-it-yourselfer with the Ford 4x4 truck. She was a hoot. I watched her stop at 3 houses on my street--carefully perusing each mound of treasures looking for whatever she could use. When she would find something she would whip on her work gloves and load it into the truck.. You can never be too safe. Her truck was overflowing with old screen doors, windows and various pieces of metal and wood. I would be quite interested to see what she was going to do with all of it. And then another picker drove up and they started to chat and even helped each other sort through the mass of things. My girl found two bright yellow rain ponchos and she offered one to her new friend--which he gladly took, and then they made small talk about their greatest finds for the day and were on their way. Who knew trash picking could bring a community together? Way to go Bloomington! Anyway, so this is why I explained to Tori why one man's trash is another man (or woman's) treasure. She picked it up right away, however, when I tried to get her to contribute some of her "trash" to the pile she commented that all she had was "treasures". Maybe next year.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Once upon a time in the land of Bloomingtonia there lived a sweet maiden whose name will remain anonymous for her protection. She lived with her handsome prince and three very sweet children. Now although her handsome prince loved her just the way that she was and would not change anything about her (well, except for a few minor quirks like not rinsing dishes and leaving clutter piles on the counter), he did think that she could use a little "edge" (don't ask me what that means-I'm just relaying a story). So for two or so years he requested that the maiden adorn her nostril with a small speck of pixie dust to give her some edge. Now the maiden was not really sure about this request and was not a fan of unnecessary medical procedures that may cause her to become faint, so she always put him off. Until one weekend while her mom and sister were visiting she conceded that she would be willing to oblige his request. But, alas, in the short visit they could not find someone to perform the procedure and so the maiden continued on in her "non-edgy" state.
Now, the maiden thought that was the end of the matter, but since the sweet maiden's younger sister had heard of the handsome prince's desire, she was determined to come through for him. So, the next time the sweet maiden visited her beautiful homeland her younger sister would not rest until she had fulfilled the handsome prince's wish. So the sweet maiden pierced her nose with a speck of pink on a Friday night in April. She did not pass out or cry. Well, her eyes did water a little, but she was told that everyone's do. She did keep her eyes closed throughout the entire process and for good reason since her two sisters who accompanied her told her that the needle was quite large. She and the handsome prince were happy with her decision, although I think they have both decided it will not be a permanent addition. That part of the story is yet to be written.

So....the big question is...does it make the maiden more edgy? Contrary to the handsome prince's opinion, the maiden did not believe it to. For example, on the way home from her homeland the maiden stopped to put some gas in her white chariot. But unfortunately for her she had left her purse and all her money back in her beautiful homeland (don't ask..the maiden was very tired and traveling alone with 3 small children--give her a break) So, anyway, she asked the attendant if she could pay for the gas with only the numbers from her credit card without the actual card and the nice lady agreed. And the reason she agreed was that she said the young maiden looked like a very nice and honest person. So I am guessing the maiden is not really that edgy after all. I guess she should have gone for the tattoo (just kidding- the maiden would never survive that!) Oh well. Who needs to be edgy anyway?

p.s. picture to follow... the young maiden's camera was also in her purse =)