Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm just sayin....

Believe me..most of the drama comes from the girls in our house. But this afternoon I watched the big, strong man of our house put on quite the emotional roller coaster display. In the course of two hours this afternoon I saw him jumping up with excitement, pounding on our many couch pillows with frustration, begging forgiveness from a college student that he has complained about all season, and laying (that's right) laying on the floor in complete despair (just to name a few). And at one point when the precious Buckeyes were down 3 with 9.3 seconds to go and Xavier had a guy on the free throw line poised to pretty much ice the game, he told the announcer to be quiet when he said the Buckeyes still had plenty of time, even though he had just said the exact thing in his last breath. Now, don't get me wrong--I love the passion. Yaay! for passion. And I am not claiming that there is anything wrong with this behavior (I have paced through my share of Ohio State football games). But, you know, being a part of the "gentler sex" we take a lot of grief for being, well, not-so emotionally stable, and I'm not trying to make this a debate of men vs. women (that would just be silly). I'm just sayin...

I will never cease to be amazed at how fast life flies by, especially when you measure it by the growth of children....

Macie is now eating cereal and applesauce (and I really think she would eat anything that comes near her mouth). I knew she was getting old when I started noticing all the teeny-tiny babies that I would see out and about and she was double (okay- maybe triple) their size. She can kind of sit up and it is only a matter of time before she is crawling around. And I think I saw her two bottom teeth today! Where did my baby go?

And Ronsi, well, she started using the word "usually". I am not sure if that is normal 4 year old talk, but then again I would probably never classify Ronsi as "normal". But she is very grown up these days. As you can see above, she likes to cook and she likes to talk (a lot). She can write her name. She told someone today that her name was not ronsi it was Isabelle. She wants to play the piano like Lisa someday and she asks me to play the song "Every Move I Make" every time we are in the car. I don't know how to explain it. She is just big.

Tori is holding a picture of a gift for Sam. That was the picture I took of her just before she headed off to her first birthday party of a school friend (who happened to be a boy). She had the time of her life she said. She wanted to go back over there everyday. To my knowledge the party was all on the up and up- no spin the bottle or anything like that. But I don't even know what happens during part of her day. She doesn't always want to talk about it. I have to wait for parent-teacher conferences to get a better glimpse of this other world she disappears to from 8 to 11.

So, in this girl's world I am amazed once again at how quickly my little girls are growing up on me. I figured that was another reason to journal. So maybe when they are long gone from my house I can read my journals and maybe magically transport myself (even if just for a moment) back to when they were little.

Ummmmmm....and just in case anyone is thinking anything. I AM NOT interested in having another baby. I am reflective, not delusional. =)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Today I had my first "surgery". I had a cyst removed on my shoulder. It was just a 30 minute thing- no biggie. But I have learned that I am rather pathetic. Let me explain...

Today, I was sitting in the chair- the nice ladies had given me the anesthesia and were working on my shoulder. I did not look. I do not like needles, blood, stitching, etc. I told them I would not be looking for the aforementioned reason. They said okay. I did not feel or see anything. (special thanks to Bethany who warned me not to look at their goggles cuz they show a reflection of the incision) Fifteen or so minutes into the procedure the room started spinning and I got all hot and sweaty. I contemplated toughing it out, keeping quiet, but i have done that before and it has ended badly-very badly (that is a story I can only tell in private). And so I told them I was feeling dizzy. And they said I was white as a ghost. So- up go my feet above my head and in comes the nurse with a candy bar. What the heck is wrong with me? I had eaten breakfast, so I was not hungry. The doctor told me she was going to keep working, because I would probably feel better when the whole thing was over. And when it was done and I had finished my Baby Ruth, I was totally fine. I drove home and Jamie got me my lunch and everything was honky dory. I am a medical procedure mental midget. (Abby, I should have had you come and hold my hand) But I will give myself props..I did not actually pass out and I did not cry.

Friday, March 09, 2007

This morning was an exciting time at our house. Tori and Isabelle were both a buzz with excitement. They have been talking about this day since we got the note home from school about a month ago. Today was the day for "Donuts with Dad". Tori got to bring Jamie to school and have donuts in the gym before school started. Pretty big stuff in the life of a little girl. It was supposed to be last week, but with the foot or so of snow that we got in good old Minnesota it had to be cancelled. So I sent them off this morning. Tori told me she had 2 donuts and that it was fun. She didn't introduce Jamie to any of her friends (Tori is strangely quiet at school), but she did bring him to meet her teacher. So, today I am thankful that my girls really, really love their Dad and that you would think Tori was getting ready to go to prom with the cutest boy in school(that is how excited she was). Isabelle is already looking forward to the day when she is in school and she gets to get donuts with dad. Sad for Jamie that they will probably outgrow this excitement someday, right? Or maybe not...And I am wondering why they were not as excited for "Muffins with Mom". It was probably the muffins.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This week I jumped back into the working world. I know, I know...I work as a wife and mother, but my family doesn't really pay well, and the truth is they can't afford me anyway. (Just kidding, family) But now I am the Vice President of Data Entry with Anna Worner and Associates. I know, pretty prestigous. Special thanks to my good pal Woody for the opportunity and for the title promotion (similar to the one that Dwight got on "the Office"). The best part is I get to set my own hours and work out of my house. Actually, I can work anywhere I can find wi-fi because they gave me my very own laptop- which was quite a nice surprise. So, we shall see what happens. I am actually really glad for the brain stimulation that working brings and it is only 10 hours a week, so that will actually give me a little structure in my life... which I am thinking will make me more organized. If you are not following my logic you will just have to trust me. If I give myself a whole week and all I have to "do-do" (that means really do, not just maybe do if I have time) is laundry and maybe a trip to the store than I tend to be a little slothful. I know, pathetic, but true.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Speaking "Miller-ese"

Anyone who knows us well, knows that using the correct pronunciation of words is not a huge priority in our house- as displayed with the whole "m" language that we have going on (mgiraffe, macuter, mgrage, etc. )
Today the girls hit me with two new ones I found entertaining:

Tori and Isabelle were getting so frustrated with me this morning because I did not know where the book with the "toodler" was that emily and robbie had gotten Isabelle for Christmas--I don't know what I was thinking. It was at least a 3 minute conversation about the "toodler"

Miller Word: "toodler" (t-ew-dler) - English equivalent: "poodle"

Isabelle informed me this morning that spring was almost here because it was almost "opera" and that is when Hannah's birthday is.

Miller Word: "opera" - English equivalent: "April"

I think the thing that kills me the most is that they are quite confident when they say their words like it is no big thing. Maybe that is because Jamie and I don't tell them they are saying it wrong--sorry future teachers of the miller girls.