Monday, September 14, 2009

It must be some sort of rite of passage for 2 year olds. And since Macie will only be two for about another month she had to make sure and get it in. While Jamie and I were cleaning up last night from our church gathering, Macie scribbled on the wall. She has been coloring for some time now, even using markers, and has never once scribbled on anything but the paper. And she knew right when I found her that she had done something wrong (amazing how they just know, huh?). Macie is not a terrible two year old, she is actually very good and has a very tender heart, so she was devastated when I sent her to her room. Hopefully, she will not plan on doing it again or any other strange two year old rites of passage (like throwing things in the toilet). Good thing two year olds are so darn cute!

FYI- Most of it came off with some scrubbing, but does anyone have any wisdom on getting black sharpie off the wall? :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

There is just one more story I have to share from Adventureland. My sister Leah (an amazing up and coming photographer) took some pictures and posted them on facebook. Looking at them, she so perfectly captured my dear Tori in a classic life moment that I have to fill you in.

Tori is well aware that I am not quite the most daring of riders at amusement parks. She loves to give me grief about it when we have visited Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America and she is quick to point out that she has ridden certain rides and I am too big of a chicken. She was up to her usual taunting as we entered Adventureland--challenging me to ride some of the more adventurous rides there. I, of course, am not affected by these remarks. I am a 33 year old woman who feels no peer pressure to love rides. The second ride we came upon after The Galleon was the Splash Down. I have never seen a ride like it before, but you basically get whipped around and around while water sprays up at you (sounds fun, huh?). Well, Tori was the only one who wanted to go. She was acting very tough and macho convincing her cousin Mackenzie to ride with her. Mack conceded and off they went. I took a quick jaunt on the teacups with Macie and then came back to watch Tori. I will let the pictures show her experience....

For a split second I felt a little bad for laughing as hard as I was (I was in tears). The look of horror on her face when she thought the ride was over and then would realize it was just getting ready to gear up and whip them around again was priceless. It was a good humbling moment for her and now I have the pictures to prove it. That was her only moment of fear the rest of the day. I wasn't there to see it, but she did end up riding the Space Shot later that night, which I don't think I could have even watched her do. She is much braver than me, but even the mighty have moments of fear. ;)