Monday, July 30, 2007

I meant to post these before. This is my soccer star this summer. She played really hard and found that she could sweat so much her clothes would actually get wet (I know kind of gross, but she thought it was cool). Her team was the Eagles. And the boy in the picture, well, that is her dreamweaver- Sam. Yeah, nice.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sweet Nostalgia...

The girls love to go to Ohio and hear the stories of when daddy was a little boy. The Millers have been in the same house since their oldest daughter was born, so it is full of memories and stories to tell of Jamie's childhood. But my family has lived in a couple of locations when I was growing up and now live in a house that I never actually lived in (believe me-- I am not complaining...the new house has a pool!) and I tease my mom that she doesn't really remember much about us as babies or little kids except that we were angelic (again not complaining--I was an ANGEL- that is all you need to know). But no matter how much the scenery changes there are certain things that are still the same and evoke in me warm fuzzies of my yesterdays. So this visit the girls got to experience some of these things...First, Granny's Sweet Freeze shop where I first fell in love with the cherry dip cone....mmmm...yummy! And second the playground I used to play on at Altoona Elementary. They have redone the playground and added all the fancy new equipment, but they transferred the old slide and the swings. So, I had Tori and Isabelle slide down the same slick metal slide that I slid down when I was a little girl. I know amazing stuff. I'm from Iowa- we enjoy the simple things of life.