Monday, July 30, 2007

I meant to post these before. This is my soccer star this summer. She played really hard and found that she could sweat so much her clothes would actually get wet (I know kind of gross, but she thought it was cool). Her team was the Eagles. And the boy in the picture, well, that is her dreamweaver- Sam. Yeah, nice.


Eric said...

Dreamweaver? Nice. Tori is a soccer rockstar!

Tara said...

She looks scarily old in that picture. Good to see Sam after all this time!

Amy said...

I just left a comment on my blog in response to your comment on my blog.

So, yes I saw your sisters yesterday and wish I could have seen you too! I seriously can't believe Emily...she is so tall too! Her little girl is a cutie for sure!

Mel said...

How is it possible that that's Tori? She's beautiful - sweat and all! Abby starts soccer in two weeks, but Anna is looking forward to watching, I'm sure that will shock you! She's waiting for ballet! Geoff Jr., I'm sure, will head straight for football, as he's just slightly shorter than Abby and they now share shoes - size 9!!! Love you guys!

Amy said...

So, it is approaching a month since your last blog post.
Your people are waiting for a post.
Love you!