Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Macie's First Day

I love the quote by Elizabeth Stone that says, "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body".

My heart boarded a bus this morning... And in the words of her dad, "the big yellow bus that may as well have been taking her to prison". Now, we of course, know school is a wonderful place and a great adventure for Macie that she will love. But...when her face went from smiles, to nervous giggles, to all out tears, the bus sure did feel like some strange torture mobile.

Just as I was offering to drive her, she took those steps with the help of her big sister and was on her way. I am sure she did great today. I am sure she loved kindergarten. And I am sure Jamie and I will be okay, too. But I am counting down the 20 minutes until that little, adorable piece of my heart comes home and I get to hear all about it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Beginnings

It has been an emotional week--all good emotions, but emotions nonetheless. It started with the open houses and then hit complete wreck on Sunday night when Tori and Isabelle (along with our dear friend Alex) were baptized during our church's gathering. I could not think of  a better way to send them off for this school year. We have had a great summer and I am so proud of them and excited for what God has in store for their 4th and 6th grade years.

Tori and Isabelle headed back to school today and once again they proved how very different they are. Tori was up an hour and a half before her bus came to get ready and make sure everything was set for her day. She had chosen her outfit the night before and had me iron her shorts so she looked just right. She was nervous, but mostly excited. Her eyes had that glimmer in them just like when she went to kindergarten for the first time. She kindly asked that Jamie and I NOT walk her down to the bus stop to which we kindly told her "not a chance". I have no doubt she will do embrace middle school and all its new adventures and possibilities, except the boys, she can completely avoid the boys. :)
Isabelle, who started school an hour later, did not make the Tori-bus goodbye as she was awake (barely), but definitely not mobile. Tori had woken her up with a loud, gonging bell that our friend Heather gave us to help with the transition back to school a little before she left and Isabelle looked up, gave a not-so-happy face, and covered her head again with the covers. :) I asked Isabelle yesterday what she wanted to wear for her first day and she replied, "What is the big is just another day". And so it is. I love to make a big deal of little things so I sort of want to dress her up like my little baby doll, but I also love that Isabelle just doesn't really care what people think of her or what she is wearing. She picked out one of her usual outfits, put her hair in its usual style, and we all walked her to the bus stop. As I took her pictures, she tried to be "frowny" about going to school, but I know she will love it once she gets over not being able to sleep in. She loaded the bus and we came inside and there on the table was her lunch box. Oh dear...I am sure she will survive the year at elementary without big sister Tori taking care of her, but as of today, I am not so sure how. :)

 p.s. And in case you are wondering why there are no pics of Macie today, that is because she officially starts tomorrow. She and I had a small orientation for an hour this morning, but so far it feels like any other year when the girls head off and me and my little buddy hang out all day. :)