Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The girls can't think of a whole lot of good reasons to leave Grandma and Papa's house and come home. As they get older, they are less and less convinced that living at Grandma's house all the time would not be a good idea. I will not ask for her opinions on that matter; she is probably still sleeping to recover from their visit last week. :)

And while I sometimes wonder why we are not a little closer to family myself, I have found coming home to have one particular benefit when it comes to the girls. In Ohio, it is cousin central. There is a cousin to match each of my girls and then some. They literally disappear into cousin world (with some occasional Grandma and Papa time) and then reappear as we load the van to go home. They do not spend a whole lot of time playing together in Ohio because there are way too many other people to play with, BUT when they come home, it is like they are reacquainting with an old friend. For at least a few days after we return, I do not hear that they are bored or that they want to go somewhere; they are normally lost somewhere in their rooms or outside playing make believe together.

This particular return from Ohio has brought on a new, be it somewhat frightening, new game of "salon". Tori is the salon owner and the other two are her willing patrons. This is a double win for me as it kept them occupied and it also got them to wash, condition, and brush their hair. And if you would have seen Macie's hair when we got home you would know how much of a win that is. :)

So, they visited the salon, then had a photo shoot, a  dance party, and a concert.

So, imagine away little girls. I am so glad that God gave you so many wonderful cousins and friends in Ohio- people that you truly love and enjoy spending time with. But I am also so thankful that God gave you each other to play and enjoy life with right here at home.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And then there were 2....

Tori left this morning for camp. It is her first time going and it is the first time she and Isabelle will be separated for more than a sleepover night. Macie fell asleep on Tori's lap last night and the three of them attempted to all sleep in the same single bed until poor Mace got bumped (or fell) to the floor. They don't always act like they love each other, but what is most true is they are the best of friends and I kind of love that.

Being the firstborn, Tori is typically experiencing things in life first. After she went to school the first time she immediately came home and played school with Isabelle, teaching her all about what was to come. I can already guess that "camp" is going to be the next new world of make believe when she returns; another adventure that Tori will teach them all about (if Ponsi and Mace can survive each other this week without their mother hen).