Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So Jamie has been giving me a hard time that I would have nothing to say about our trip to Seattle. He took me there for our 10 year anniversary that we celebrated this past September 20th. The trip was amazing, the city is so fun, and the scenery is breathtaking. We saw the Buckeyes in Pike Market and then watched them woop up on Washington the next day. See, I have a lot to say about the city of Seattle. But what I have had a hard time finding words for is to somehow convey what it means to be Mrs. James Miller for 10 years. And I have nothing. I am speechless. Words can do no justice to describe 10 years of life with my best friend, my soulmate, my biggest fan, my life partner, the amazing father of my children, my source for all things Buckeye, my real life hero of faith. So all that I can come up with is part of a song that was sung on our wedding day...

At the end of a long day can't close my eyes
Watching you as the sun sets
As it slowly waves goodbye
It's times like these I thank the Lord for the life that we share
And everyday I spend with you is another Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer
When your heart touches mine
We've found a love only few ever find
And if life should end tomorrow
I leave a millionaire
'Cuz in my life I take with me a life of Answered Prayers

You have shown me the power of what love can do
I see glimpses of Heaven in your simple "I love you"
And every time I think of it- it almost seems unfair
For a girl like me to have so many answered prayers

I am a rich woman. I love you Babe!

Monday, September 10, 2007

On a beautiful fall day in Bloomington, another BYSC (Bloomington Youth Soccer Club) Kicker season begins. The Miller family ventures across the street and down the road a little to Lincoln Fields, our Sunday afternoon home. Two girls will grace the field this year, which means running from field to field being sure to catch as many precious moments as we can--I call this the "Divide and Conquer" method of parenting.

One girl is a Mite. She is the number 4. She sits quietly and watches her coach carefully as they wait to get their team and individual pictures taken. She is not scard. She follows her team in a single file line over to her game. She does not volunteer to be the first in--she sits on the sidelines with her team and quietly watches. When it is her turn she follows the coach on the field with a smile. He places her on defense and she listens attentively as her teammate explains her role. The game begins and regardless of what coaches say the kids swarm to the ball--tripping over each other all along the way. But not this girl. She watches, and runs after the ball, but not too close--no need to get involved or wrapped up in the big huddle of kids. She kicks the ball when it comes to her--a soft kick--and then looks at her coach and her parents to see their looks of affirmation. She doesn't care what the score is. She heads off to play with her new best friend--squealing and running in the grass as her sister plays her game. High five from coach--smile from mom and dad and all is as it should be in this little girl's world. She takes a sip from her monkey water bottle and walks with mom home.

The other girl is a Duck. She practices her "skills" as she waits for her coach to come. She is the number 1. She sits quietly and watches her teammates as they wait to get their pictures taken. She is not scared. She dribbles over to her practice and volunteers to be "it" in a warm-up game of freeze tag. Her game begins and she is wherever the ball is--bull dozing through piles, falling down and hopping back up. She is sweating. She asks if her sister "won" her game. She keeps track of the score of her game in her mind. The game is over and she gets her snack. She heads off with the boys to play some more on an open field. Good-bye from friends and a thanks to her coaches and all is as it should be in this little girl's world. She takes a sip of her Powerade and races home.

The last girl rides down to the field. She stuffs her face with Teddy Grahams as I try to get everyone situated with their new team--taking pictures to capture the moments. She sits until she has had enough and then she chases the ball in the grass--probably eating random things that she finds as she plays. She does not watch any of the games. She takes turns in mom and dad's arms and all is as it should be in this little girl's world. She gulps down her bottle and rides home.

I imagine most of you could easily pick out which girl was which. Jamie and I have been so blessed with three unique and beautiful girls. It is on days like this that we are reminded how very different our girls are, but how each one brings a special part to our family that we would be incomplete without.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And she is off....

Not quite as bad as last year. She woke up at 7:00 instead of 6 something. Jamie made her pancakes and she was ready to walk down to the bus at 7:30 (the bus does not come until 8:05). I successfully stalled her until 7:50 and then we headed down. Last night she was nervous--this morning she was excited.

I think she is the cutest first grader for sure!!!!!

Ronsi took it harder than anyone this year. She was being silly and playing at the bus stop, but as soon as Tori turned to head for the bus Isabelle's countenance changed and she started to cry (that is an unposed picture--that is Isabelle's sad face...pathetic, isn't it?). It is going to be a long day without Tori.