Saturday, March 03, 2007

Speaking "Miller-ese"

Anyone who knows us well, knows that using the correct pronunciation of words is not a huge priority in our house- as displayed with the whole "m" language that we have going on (mgiraffe, macuter, mgrage, etc. )
Today the girls hit me with two new ones I found entertaining:

Tori and Isabelle were getting so frustrated with me this morning because I did not know where the book with the "toodler" was that emily and robbie had gotten Isabelle for Christmas--I don't know what I was thinking. It was at least a 3 minute conversation about the "toodler"

Miller Word: "toodler" (t-ew-dler) - English equivalent: "poodle"

Isabelle informed me this morning that spring was almost here because it was almost "opera" and that is when Hannah's birthday is.

Miller Word: "opera" - English equivalent: "April"

I think the thing that kills me the most is that they are quite confident when they say their words like it is no big thing. Maybe that is because Jamie and I don't tell them they are saying it wrong--sorry future teachers of the miller girls.


Amy said...

Gretchen has a blog!! Yah Rah!
I am real excited about this new way to stay up on your life..real excited! Hope you are all feeling better soon friend!

Tara said...

This post actually made me laugh out loud. =) Our kids say bacuter.

Beth said...

Oh geez, that is so cute! I love the way your girls say their words and how they make some up sometimes, Hannah still likes to use their "frash can" word!

gretchen said...

"frash" can is a classic... i still use that one myself

Full of JOY said...

don't forget about the new word "swzy"!!! :)