Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well, we took him down...mission complete. On Saturday, Jamie claimed that we girls were ganging up on him trying to infect him with the flu since we, of course, all have weak immune systems, and he, of course, does not. It was no easy task--in fact, I had really conceded, but our littlest member and apparent secret weapon came through. Macie went with the "maybe i'm sick, maybe i'm not...mom and dad can't tell cuz i am not really acting like myself, but then again i am still smilin' and there is no way daddy can resist my chubby cheeks for more than a couple hours" strategy. So, as best as we can tell that is how he was taken down. He made a good attempt to pretend that he was not sick by working from his bed, but he has since succombed and is sleeping soundly.

P.S. Please know that although Jamie did accuse us of ganging up on him we would never wish illness on anyone- especially him- and we are hoping for a speedy recovery.

P.S.S. Please also note that I apologize sincerely for making Taco soup for dinner last night.


Tara said...

So you all had it? Yuck! I'm so loving that you're blogging!!!

gretchen said...

Yep- everyone...starting with Isabelle last Monday night.

denmarkgirl said...

i am so happy to hear news of the daily life of you gretchen. hope you are all feeling better today. just hearing the stories of your little fam makes my heart smile. not that i am glad you are sick or anything but the way you describe it and write warms my heart because of the great love in your home. big hugs and get well wishes, gobbs