Friday, March 09, 2007

This morning was an exciting time at our house. Tori and Isabelle were both a buzz with excitement. They have been talking about this day since we got the note home from school about a month ago. Today was the day for "Donuts with Dad". Tori got to bring Jamie to school and have donuts in the gym before school started. Pretty big stuff in the life of a little girl. It was supposed to be last week, but with the foot or so of snow that we got in good old Minnesota it had to be cancelled. So I sent them off this morning. Tori told me she had 2 donuts and that it was fun. She didn't introduce Jamie to any of her friends (Tori is strangely quiet at school), but she did bring him to meet her teacher. So, today I am thankful that my girls really, really love their Dad and that you would think Tori was getting ready to go to prom with the cutest boy in school(that is how excited she was). Isabelle is already looking forward to the day when she is in school and she gets to get donuts with dad. Sad for Jamie that they will probably outgrow this excitement someday, right? Or maybe not...And I am wondering why they were not as excited for "Muffins with Mom". It was probably the muffins.


Full of JOY said...

oh my gosh...i feel like that still with my dad. he sends me a card on valentines day and i just melt!!! :) or he tells me how beautiful i am and i'm good for weeks, etc. etc. :)

Jamie said...

So what you are saying Abs is you want me to send you a Valentine's Day card?