Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father’s Day to the two most important men in my life—my Dad and Jamie (in case you weren’t sure). Most people would say that these two men are not at all alike. But I would have to disagree. Yes, there are certain things about them that are very different- like my Dad’s love of Iowa and butterflies and Jamie’s love of Ohio and the Buckeyes. But they are both incredibly competitive, they can both take down an ice cream carton no problemo and, of course, they are both the father of 3 daughters. But there is one thing that I have seen in both of their lives that is very similar, and it is one big reason, among the millions of other reasons, why I love them.

During our wedding ceremony, believe it or not, Jamie was the first to shed a tear. (I know, it’s shocking) And the first tear he shed was not at me coming down the aisle or because he couldn’t get through his vows….He shed a tear as Pastor Cortner shared about Jesus and told our friends and family gathered there that our greatest desire on that day was that they all come to know the Jesus that we knew. Jamie’s eyes filled with tears since he had been up late the night before talking with his friend Mark about God. Mark was a friend who had been introduced to God several times before, but did not yet seem to want to follow Him.

During a recent visit to Iowa, I sat in the middle of my parent’s (yes, right in the middle) during their church service. The whole family was there (minus Jamie) and I could not help but notice my Dad wiping his eyes with a tissue several times during the singing of the songs and throughout the teaching of the speaker. I am not sure if he was tearing up because we were all there together or if the words of familiar songs struck his soul with a fresh wind, but his heart was moved by the Spirit and the tears began to flow.

You see, these are not individual instances in my life experience with these incredibly important men in my life. I have witnessed both of their hearts be moved reading the nativity story or praying over someone they love. I have watched them study the Bible and search for truth. I have been a part of 2 cross-country moves, as each one followed God’s voice to a new assignment. I have always been convinced of their love for me, and I have always been convinced of their love for their Savior. Their influence on my life is immeasurable and I am blessed beyond blessed to not only have grown up in a home with a tenderhearted and passionate lover of God, but to know that my girls will grow up with that as well.

Thanks Dad and Jamie for choosing to be God’s men first and foremost. Your passion and love for your Savior and others inspires and challenges me. I love you both! Happy Father’s Day!


Richardson Family said...

I found you! So much fun to learn about you and your family!!! I'll be a regular now!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! You have been blessed!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. I am glad God gave you such a great father. AND such a great husband. Love, BL Do you know who I am even if I don't leave my name : )?