Tuesday, May 24, 2011

With the warmer weather finally making its way into Minnesota and the gas prices making their way sky high again, the girls and I have once again hit to the streets. The girls are normally zooming along on their scooters, and they still ride them on occasion, but this year they have promoted to bike riding. Thanks to Papa and MumMum the girls are riding in style on their very own unique-to-them bikes.

Macie sports a princess bike with a princess bag on the front to hold all her treasures. She has a princess helmet, and excitement of all excitements for Mace, the helmet came with a princess bell that she steadily rings as she pedals along. Macie isn't quite confident enough to go really fast yet. She likes a slow, steady ride and she likes me to hold on to the front of the bike if we go down an incline of any sort.

Ponsi has a medium sized bike that says "Pretty in Pink". She likes to stand up when she rides for some reason and her helmet has a big pink flower on it. Before the girls had helmets we only let them ride in the driveway and Isabelle was always the one we caught riding in the grass and she never knew how she got there. I recommend if you ever see her coming down a sidewalk near you, that you steer yourself out of the way. She is a fully capable rider, she just doesn't normally ride in a straight line. On the way home from Tori's soccer game the other night, Jamie let me know he will not be teaching Ponsi how to drive. :)

Tori is loving life on her new, big time, 10 speed. She has a very sporty, gender-neutral helmet with splashes of lime green, her new favorite color. I don't really know how she likes to ride her bike because she normally takes it on independent ventures. She rides it down the road to her soccer practices and games and absolutely loves the freedom of wheels that take her where she needs to go all by herself. I can imagine she is going to be begging for her driver's license/permit the day she is able to get one.

I absolutely love this time of year. I am going to have to get some wheels of my own so I can keep up with them. Enjoy your day!



Life with Kaishon said...

I loved this post. Their bikes are too fantastic. : ) You wrote about them so perfectly.

The only thing I didn't like about this?
Look how big they are getting : (
Sending some magic-stop-growing-up-this-instant- pills immediately.

Love you.

Amy said...

Love it! Mine are still too little for true bikes, but Alex has a trike and it's adorable to watch him peddle around.. :) Your girls are beautiful!

Tara said...

Tori's allowed to ride by herself places?!?!? Yikes! That bike makes her look even older. =)

Anonymous said...

Grandma says be careful!! They learned to ride much faster than their dad!! (Sue and Phil)

Full of JOY said...

I can't believe Tori is old enough to ride her bike alone somewhere! I thought the pictures of Macie were Isabelle! And the story about Isabelle makes me laugh!!