Friday, April 25, 2008

(two posts the other one first....please)

Day 1:

We all deal with our emotions in different ways. I have been mentally blocking out this trip for one reason or another. I do pretty good when Jamie goes out of town, but overseas seems to be a little more difficult for me. I am a cell phone user and although I do not always answer it or even know where it is, I can normally call and Jamie's voice is right there. This is not so with overseas travel. We have set up Skype, so we should be able to talk while he is away through the computer (that's amazing), but as of today he could hear me, but I could not hear him. So, hopefully Eric can figure that one out or we will be in what I am calling "radio silence" for the next ten days and that will be unfortunate.

Now the girls on the other hand have not given much thought to the trip until today. As we drove away from the airport I was holding back the huge lump in my throat and then I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Tori trying to hide behind the seat, tears flowing down her face. I heard her give a little sob--my lump now started flowing out my eyeballs--but then I had to laugh, because Tori looked at Isabelle who was happily singing a song and said, "You don't even miss him". So, that made Isabelle start to cry and argue "I do miss him, I'm just not crying, Tori said I don't miss him, but I do". Tori will sleep with his picture every night and Isabelle will probably draw him 100 pictures. Macie probably won't have any idea what is going on, but she will be really excited to see him when he comes home. We will all miss him, but we will just show it in different ways.

p.s. pictures tommorrow- I promise.


Tara said...

That was a laugh-out-loud post. Seriously, Tori is the MOST dramatic kid I have encountered. =)

I get the overseas thing. When I was in Ireland and Mark and the kids were still here, I was so weirded out and very uncomfortable with the situation in general. I probably never told you about my middle-of-the-night silent freak out. hee hee

Amy said...

ohhh behind the scenes with Gretchen and the girls. Can't wait!

Sweet story of the lump in the throat.