Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 2:

Well, I woke up this morning (alongside 2 munchkins) with snow out my window. This is a personal record for the latest snowfall that I have seen, but it didn't damper my spirits. Now my sister-in-law texting me to tell me she was out in the sun catching some rays, that may have dampened my spirits a little, but she ended up getting burnt so there is some sweet justice. =) Anyway, I have a long list of spring cleaning to do--and I got a ton accomplished- I even pulled out the refrigerator to clean behind (Muy Macho- I know). A special thanks to Abby for taking the girls and their friends from church on a lunch outing to the Mall of America...they had a great time. =)

So, I tried to start our girl time off on a good note. I took the girls for donuts at a new to us bakery in Chaska--very good. And then I went for all the gusto and although, I am pretty much anti-stuffed animals, the girls added two more to their collection today. It is Webkinz Extravaganza Weekend (if you don't know, just think beanie babies with virtual lives--somebody is making millions). And the girls still had some money that they assured me they really, really, really wanted to spend on new Webkinz. So we now have a chihuahua named Cutie and a persian cat named Beautiful (they are in the pictures).

I did get to talk to Jamie this afternoon. Well, at first, I was talking and he was typing which was incredibly weird, but Yay for Eric who fixed that problem in a jiffy and we are no longer in radio silence. Now I just need to figure out this time difference thing and we will be golden.

The comment of the day:

"Mom, you are like a widow." (This made for a nice teaching conversation)

Macie really just wanted to read her book, but then I told her the picture was for Daddy and she perked right up.

Sweet Dreams!


Beth said...

Nice post for us, for Jamie. I am excited to see what the weeks' posts hold...I am praying for you and the girls if you need anything, call me. I can come keep you company. Love you!

Amy said...

Can we just talk about the dimples on Macie for a quick second? Wow. She is some sweet stuff! I wish we lived closer and could hang out while Jamie is away...

Chuck said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your household while Jamie is away. If you or the girls need anything, just give Uncle Chuck a call!

Tara said...

A widow?!! They really are too much. Kids say funny stuff. We haven't entered webkinz world yet.