Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Closed Chapter....

Kindergarten - Ms. Sickman
Six years ago a starry-eyed 5 year old boarded the bus without even bothering to turn around and wave to mom and dad watching from the sidewalk...
Each year would bring anxious anticipation and a little fear as she would meet a new teacher and join a new class of students. Each year she thought they would never compare to the year before. 
First Grade- Mr. Suzuki

First Grade
And each and EVERY year I would comfort a crying girl as she walked off the bus having said goodbye to the teacher and classmates that had found their permanent place in her little heart.
Second Grade- Ms. Jocketty

Third Grade- Mr. Bonnett
Third Grade

Fifth Grade- Ms. Stori

Today a teary-eyed 11 year old said goodbye to the teachers, staff, and friends that she has met along the way. Thanks for the memories...

Good-bye elementary....
.....hello middle school??? (heaven help us all) ;)


Life with Kaishon said...

Gretchen, can I just say I know. I know exactly what you are saying. How the heck does it fly by so quickly?

Last year when Kaish ended middle school I thought I was going to die. Not really die, but kind of. I mean MIDDLE SCHOOL! That is like so grown up it is ridiculous. We have survived though.

Kaish loves middle school. I hope Tori will as well. I love how much she loves her teachers and friends. She is the best girl. I am glad God gave her to you.

I wish they would stop this craziness though. Why, oh why, do they keep on growing?

You are such a great Mama. You love the girls so much. You inspire me.

Tracy P. said...

Oh how funny! Becky posted this on her FB, and since my fifth grade girl graduated today, I thought I would check it out. Then I saw Ms. Jocketty, and thought, Hey, there was a 2nd grade Ms. Jocketty in the district I taught in! (before kids)--and sure enough, that's the school. We go to church at Southtown in that neighborhood, and maybe you know our little (now TALL) friend Haley. We live south of the river now.

Anyway, I can totally relate! Nice to meet you!

Richardson Family said...

congrats!! Seems like yesterday we were worshiping Mr. Suzuki.

Full of JOY said...