Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I was thinking all day yesterday that I needed to post something for Macie on her birthday. I never really found the words...

So, the girls just "love" that I sing all kinds of goofy songs around the house to remind them of things or wake them up or whatever. Well, I made up a corny little song about them- so here is Macie's verse in honor of her 4th birthday.

There is a litte Mace I know
And she can't grasp the power she holds
To light a room with just her smile
Contagious joy out running wild
Huggie bugs and Tootsie toes
Loving on poor puppy's nose
Helping Mama's garden grow
Precious baby girl, my precious baby girl

Jamie loves to remind me that I was ready to stop at two daughters before we got pregnant with Macie. What a tragedy that would have been. The best word I come up with is Joy. I really wasn't too sad on her birthday. I never cried or got depressed. At one moment tears welled up a little bit watching her ride the balloon ride with Jamie at the MOA, but not for sadness, just because I am so very blessed. She is a gift.


Full of JOY said...

I love that you were at the MOA. And I love the baby Mace pictures because that's how I remember her. Holding Mace so many was the sweetest gift to me, so good for the soul.

Life with Kaishon said...

I just cried again.
So happy for your blessings. So very, very happy!
I am so glad God gave you this precious gift.
You are the best Mama for your girls. LOVE your song. Love your heart. Love the girl that you are.
I learn from you.

Richardson Family said...

Happy Birthday Macie, you are such a sweet, special girl!

Marissa said...

Well maybe you should try again for a little "Gus" Then Jamie can say, remember when you wanted to stop after three girls? :)