Monday, May 25, 2009

We made our 3rd annual Memorial Day visit to the National Cemetery here in Minneapolis. Every year something different strikes me and brings me to tears thinking of the sacrifice men and women and their families have made on behalf of this great country. Today as we exited the car a man played a trumpet salute over the grave of a friend, family member or fellow soldier and then saluted their gravestone. The sound pierced the sky and brought me to a halt. I would have loved to take a picture to capture the moment, but I didn't want to violate its sacredness. Thank you to the many men and women that have served and those who serve us now and grace and strength to their families who have sacrificed so much.

As we left I prayed for peace and praised God for a day when death and war would be no more. May your kingdom come, Father.


Lisa said...

you didn't have to take a picture, i can picture the whole scene in my mind of the man playing the trumpet, and it almost brought ME to tears. that is so beautiful. i love that you guys do that each year. my mom always did stuff like that with us on memorial day too.

Tara said...

Great pics, Gretchen.

Karen said...

I went to the Grove City parade yesterday with the rest of your family except the May's. When the band played the National Anthem I put Abraham's hand over his heart. When the band finished he left it there. It was so cute. As some of the retired soldiers came by and the patriotic music played I had to fight tears as well. I would have sobbed if I had experienced what you heard and saw. Thanks for the vision.
See you in a month. (YEA)

Life with Kaishon said...

I could see what you were describing so perfectly! How special. What a great thing to do on Memorial Day. I pray there will be peace soon.

Your pictures are magnificent.

Anonymous said...

I could see it too by your description - beautiful. What a wonderful thing you are doing for your girls by taking them there each year. Awesome!