Saturday, August 09, 2008

Macie is not the only one changing in our seems like overnight we went from Tori (or should I say Victoria) playing princesses and dress up clothes to Camp Rock and The Jonas Brothers. What in the world is going on?!?!? And with 10,000 fans (many my age) crowding the Mall of America to see New Kids on the Block yesterday (yes, they were the hot band when I was in school), I shudder to think what the next 10 years or so could be like. I suppose it is time for more lessons learned in Mom 101 (advice from older mothers welcome). So this is real, this is me--I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I think this makes me the mother of a "tweener"--HELP!!!!!!

p.s. just in case you do not know---the Jonas Brothers are not Tori's boyfriends they are actually a boy band under the Disney Label I think (sort of like Hannah Montana and such....) and Camp Rock is a movie they were in (soon to be released on DVD)


Full of JOY said...

a. she's stinkin' beautiful in this picture!!
b. thank goodness i was not working when NKOTB (i did it!!) came!!!
c. this makes me miss centenial lakes!

Tara said...

That picture is beautiful. And I agree with the yikes! These are the areas that you help me, since you have an older one. One of my adult friends here loves Camp Rock. =)

Oh, and Rory thinks she likes Hannah Montana, even though she basically only knows her from commercials, but she points out EVERY single thing in the stores too. I have put the kabosh on that bigtime for now since she's only 3 for HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!

gretchen said...

Tara...not to frighten you, but Tori has only seen the Jonas Brothers in commercials up until Friday night--Be afraid- be very afraid.

Amy said...

You have one gorgeous tween on your hands. That seems crazy young still to be into such things.... But thats what the media does... they get em' young! :)

I watched Camp Rock on premiere night because I am LOSER like that... Does that make me a Tween too?

Anonymous said...

Wait til she is listening to the Jonas Brothers on her mp3 player(which her mom does not even have)and putting pictures of them up on her door. Well, that is of course, until her room was repainted and her perfectionist mother cannot allow magazine pictures to ruin the crispness of it all. Then you argue about that for days on end.... Is it too late to lock them in their rooms and make them read their Bibles all day?

Marissa said...

Holy cow... or as like to say it in spanish now... Santa Vaca! I know she was looking older, but seriously, being gone and not seeing her for 2 weeks, and then seeing her again... she looks so OLD!

Anonymous said...

8 year olds are tweens? WOW. She is beautiful. Like her mommy : ). When does your school start? Didn't this summer fly? Becky

Karen said...


I had the pleasure of watching Anna yesterday and the main thing she continued to mention was that she and Tori loved the Jonas Brothers. And every other boy on Disney Channel. It was a pretty amusing conversation with a 6 year old who is influenced by her older 8 year old cousin.

God Bless,