Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Well, for the sake of closure--Jamie came home last night. Lisa and I made an event out of it and after a yummy dinner at her house, we made signs (Lisa's was even in German) and headed off with the girls to wait in baggage claim for our boys. They were expecting us to just do the drive by pick up that we normally do, but Lisa and I felt an overseas trip merited paying for parking. It was so good to see them come down the escalator. I think they were pleased with our decision.

So, Jamie did a "one thing" for his Germany trip on the Consumed website and so I will end this little journey in the same way. I have learned a lot actually in the last 10 days--mostly stuff not related to Jamie being gone--just stuff that God continues to teach me. But the thing that I have learned from him being away is this...many people have commented that the girls and I were busy or wondered if we always did such fun things. The answer is "yes" we stayed very busy and "no" we aren't normally that active. I do try to hit community events just because they are fun, but never that many in a week. The thing that I realized this week is the reason I have to keep us so active while Jamie is gone is because without him the regular routine just doesn't seem to cut it. With Jamie around I don't find much need to "go out" for adventure because when he is around the ordinary routines of life are an adventure. He makes dinner more fun, nights at home watching tv cozy and all of life just more interesting. So, when he is not there our "home" just doesn't feel complete. So, there you go--gag if you like (I am sure Jamie's sisters are), but that is what I learned and it makes me so thankful for him and for the life that God has given us together. I am so thankful that he got to go as it renews his passion and encourages his heart, but at the same time I am so very glad that he is home so that we can live out the adventure of life together.

Sweet Day!


Anonymous said...

Awwww, that made me tear up a little. I love that he makes your life more adventerous. I am happy you have such a wonderful family. AND I am happy I am going to beat you in Scrabulous. Much Love. BL
PS Were the girls So super happy to see him this morning when they woke up?

Tara said...

Aww, we all love Jim Phil Mill (shout out for Mark!). Glad your time is over, but also glad you had fun doing the town stuff.

Karen said...

That was pretty nice to write. Yes, the three sister's will probably gag but it was wonderful to write.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

so sweet!