Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 5

1. Dropped Tori off at school
2. Dropped the Corolla off at the mechanic
3. Worked for Anna Worner & Associates
4. Got Subway (thanks again Phil and Sue) and brought it to Tori's school for lunch
5. Jump roped on the playground with Tori and her friends (I still got it baby) =)
6. Picked up some groceries--(Macie needed more milk, of course)
6. Talked to Jamie (and Eric sort of) on Skype
7. Folded some laundry
8. Picked Tori up from the bus
9. Chatted with a friend I have been wanting to catch up with
10. Took the girls to Bar Abilene in Uptown for dinner (kids eat free- our bill was $9.59 before tip and we had chips, salsa, mac & cheese, chicken strips, fries, hickory burger, onion rings, fresh fruit and 2 sundaes with cherries on top) AMAZING!
11. Stopped at Lower Penn Lake Park to look at the water and run down the hill Little House on the Prairie style (Tori's words- "That was so refreshing")
12. Watched American Idol with the girls
13. Voted for Jason (for Jamie), David Cook (for Tori), Syesha (for Isabelle), and Brooke (for me) Sorry David A--as Isabelle put it after the "America" song- "he is so- 'oh brother' ".
13. Put the girls to bed
14. Lost my temper (this is total access) cuz the girls were not going to bed easily
15. Said I was sorry and kissed them good night
16. Uploaded pictures and Updated the blog
17. Sweet Dreams. =)

See you tommorrow.

p.s. Can you see why having a normal dinner is so difficult...

...we should have never gotten Macie that gophone!


Full of JOY said...

YES! i made #9!!! :)

Chuck said...

Tell Macie she can call me if she wants to chat with someone!

Karen said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on your end too!!! Sounds like a wonderfully busy time for you all? I am praying for you and Jamie.

In Christ,
"Aunt" Karen

Amy said...

What is a gophone?

I just want to say that I used to be a fan of Brooke's, but I don't think she is so great of late. I love her sweet little heart and spirit, but I don't think she is better than David Cook or David A... I just have to throw that out there.

You are halfway through, right? I am so impressed that you took the kids to dinner by yourself! I have started not enjoying lunches out with Silas...I used to eat lunch out with friends like 3 days a week, now I never go. The little toot.

gretchen said...

Brooke is not so great of late, but I am believing she can turn it around...

A Go phone is just a prepaid cell phone thing

And no Chuck I will not let her call you--although she has called Abs before inadvertently.

Tara said...

Your pics are always the best. I aspire to get candids like yours. =)