Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"One a piece, no repeats"
Each new school year and new teacher means new games for the Millers. This one is great for "table time" after dinner or dead time in the car. It is way better than hearing those preciously annoying words "I spy with my little eye..." (just not a fan of I spy..I don't know why). So, "one a piece, no repeats"... Things you can put on your feet: I said shoes, Tori said socks, Isabelle said toe nail polish. We all win! Have to admit, I thought Isabelle would go down, but she went out of the box. Great game Mr. Suzuki--yay for great teachers!


Chuck said...

Don't forget about my favorite thing to put on my feet - sandals. I'll wear them as long as possible, or until the first snow flies!

Tara said...

School sounds fun...excited to get there, although I've decided to throroughly enjoy my last year without a schedule.

Anonymous said...

hey, we'll have to try that game - sounds like fun - and Isabelle, way to go!!!